Critical Connections invites you to consider personally reaching your next level of success—at work, at home, in your community.  Through our many services we provide the support, vision and inspiration to allow you to achieve your Great Work!
Great Work Ideas Great Work is the work that is meaningful to you, that has an impact and makes a difference.  It inspires, stretches, and provokes. Great Work is the work that matters. Great Work is also a place of uncertainty and discomfort. The discomfort arises because the work is often new and challenging and so there’s an element of risk and possible failure. For organizations, Great Work drives strategic difference, innovation and longevity.
So perhaps this is the real source of the feeling we sometimes have of being a round peg in a square world—perhaps we strive and work on the Great Work while most of those around us feel fine in only doing Good Work—–and turn a blind eye to the Bad Work. Many of us look to find the connection and the support to encourage us, and maybe even force us to strive to do the Great Work in our classrooms and in our schools. Great Work Connections
It is this support, this type of conversation and sharing that we at Critical Connections are all about…..and we invite you to join us as we challenge you to strive for the Great Work, reflect on your strengths and needs, and to be bold in your attempts to reach higher and to challenge yourself.


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